Monday, April 18, 2011

Where Concept is King

Q. Who's right? My husband wanted to go out to breakfast. Just as I'm done getting ready and walking into the living room, he starts complaining about how long I take to get ready. Meanwhile, he's sitting watching cartoons with our child who he has not bothered to try to get ready. I say that he should have been getting our child ready so we could go since he had time to sit and watch cartoons while I was trying to get ready. He disagrees...who's right?

A. This one is easy. It's clearly, without question, him. He is right. He already did the hard part. He thought of, Going Out To Breakfast. Now it's just the simple act of execution. And that, he has graciously left up to you. Really this is a treat for you anyway, since now you don't have to make breakfast for him. No dishes, no mess, no clean up. So is it really so much to ask for you to get ready like you appreciate this wonderfully kind gesture? All that effort you would normally put toward serving a meal to your family is now transferable to taking care of your own beauty regiment. Just, PLEASE don't take too long doing it. Maybe it's just better to throw on a hat, and some jeans. Your not going to see anyone you know. But not that hat with those jeans. 

And the complaints. Totally justifiable. When he proclaimed, "Let us go forthwith to an house of breakfast and feast thereon the mounds of steaming flesh and griddled cakes." Or however he said it, this was likely said right after the last moment of comfort. From that moment on starvation had begun to set in. So watching cartoons was really all he could do to keep his mind off the hunger pangs. For all we know as your child sat their watching TV with dad, they were transforming from little kiddlet to a large turkey leg or a ham shank. It may have taken all your husbands strength just to maintain his wits. 

I have a feeling you really wanted to be right on this one. I hope I was able to shed some light on the subject from his side. You really are lucky to have him. To patch things up I'd suggest taking the little out with you on a breakfast run. This will give your hubby the chance to have a peaceful morning to sleep in. Then you can surprise him with breakfast in bed. It sounds like he really deserves it. 


  1. I am against cannibalism too. The origin of the "egg McMuffin" was from the breakfast massacre of Meg McCheese by her hungery father the mayor, during the Irish potato famine. I am a historical expert...and I like fries.

  2. Good to hear from you, Holly and Ivana. Thanks for checking in.

  3. I love this post too. Way to stick up for the men! This is Sarah, not Bryan.

  4. everytime i feel like rob isn't doing enough to help around the house or with childcare, i think about this post. thanks for reposting it on FB.