Friday, December 2, 2011

View Mark Elliot's newest $11,000 drawing

Q. What does an $11,000 drawing by Mark Elliot look like?

Drawn on location, in the St Francis E.R. November 6th, 2011, while Pepper was treated for kidney stones. Maybe if I had sold one of my kidneys it would have just about covered the cost of the visit. Around here we are all grateful for morphine and that Pepper is back to her happy comfortable self. 

So if you have $11, 000 you need to spend on a drawing before years end, let me know. I am also available for home or hospital births, E.R. visits of course, weddings and most surgical procedures. Currently I'm not accepting insurance, since no insurances are willing to cover my specialized visits. I'm able to supply my own chair, clipboard, ballpoint pen and occasional sympathetic smile. You create the moment and provide a corner in which I can sit and I'll do the rest. 

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