Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Presidential Puzzler

Q. Hi Mark,
I've had a political question itching for many years. I can't ask anyone else because they say you're not supposed to talk about politics.

Is John McCain and Barak Obama in cahoots?

Really, my question is about Sarah Palin. If you were a Republican presidential candidate in need of independent voters to win, and you definitely wanted to LOSE the election, the only VP candidate on earth other than Sarah Palin who could guarantee your loss of the independent voters would be Glenn Beck.

Sure, in hindsight we're all prophets, but from the polls Sarah Palin's effect on the election was clear even before she was chosen as a VP running mate. How could McCain think it was the conservative votes he needed to win? Did McCain really think the independent base would chose him over Obama because of a running mate like Palin?

Hi there Itchy Cahoots,
I'll just tell you what my Mam used to tell me. If you see an opossum, and a mongoose and a cobra all fighten fer the same critter. That little critter's gonna get away... Cuz they all loves fighten more then eaten.

This response works really well for all kinds of questions. Give it a try some time.

Hope that helps,

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