Saturday, June 25, 2011

Things I believe in

This isn't a question. It's more a point of reference for you the reader. I think it's important for you to know some of the core values I have as a person. It is my hope that this list, and others like it, may inform and enhance your readings of my question and answer blog.

Things I believe in  

1. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches should not be eaten open face. 
2. If a peanut butter and honey sandwich is to be eaten on a single slice of bread, the bread should be spread with peanut butter on one half, the honey drizzled on the other half, and the single slice folded in half joining the two condiments. This prevents the peanut butter from sealing the breads pores, allowing the honey to soak into the bread and not drip out of the sandwich.
3. If you are to purchase canned tuna, purchase the "Spring water" kind and not the "Oil" kind. 
4. Always drain canned tuna. 
5. Beyond draining the tuna, I believe in pressing it dry. Most conveniently with the completely severed top of the can. 
6. Though not healthy, I do believe white bread is the best bread for most homemade sandwiches. 
7. Admittedly, lacking all class, almost to the point of rude, at times chips on a sandwich are the perfect topper. 
8. Iceberg lettuce is better than mixed greens on a sandwich. One leaf is best, shredded is okay. 
9. A simple way to fancy up almost any sandwich is to toast only one side of each slice of bread. Toasted side in or toasted side out... Both have their advantage. 
10. Mayonnaise and Miracle whip taste differently but are equally good. I laid that rivalry to rest years ago. 
11. Sprouts are very good on most meat or cheese based sandwiches. However, too many can spoil a good sandwich. 
12. A pattern should be followed when selecting each bite of the sandwich. The chosen pattern can vary from sandwich to sandwich. Unless that pattern is to eat straight through the middle of the sandwich, leaving the crusts to fan out across your cheeks. 
13. Hard rolls are the worst. The worst... just the worst. 

These are beliefs I live by. If you would like to live by them as well, you may. Or if you only want to live by the first half of the list you can do that too. But, If you choose to live by only the last half of the list, then please at least include #3. 

Hope that helps you understand a little more about me. I know they say, a good writer doesn't have to "tell" you anything. A good writer can... um... what is it? Let's see, how does it go again? Mmmm...

Welp, that's all for now. Hope that helps,