Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who writes this stuff?

Q. Who writes all those cheesy posts people share in their status updates?

A. I do. Here is the latest. I signed my name this time so there would be no question.

Keep standing even when the sun goes down
Keep breathing even when life takes your breath away
Keep remembering even when you have forgotten what your soul wants, it will find its way again
Keep laughing even when crying is all about you
Keep running even when your feet are firmly planted, there is no standing still
Keep on keeping true to yourself for who knows you better than you
And above all keep positivity glowing from within. It will lead you and others to the best places possible, like a sun ray in the dark- It is hard to stay lost when you are glowing.
Keep this in your heart always and each day will be better than the last.
By Mark Elliot

Please share this with your loved ones (and enemies) today. Let's try to change the world for good. I'm sure this will do it. If you don't believe me, share this one hundred times and prove me wrong.

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