Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free iTunes

Q. Hi Mark. What would you do with $2 billion?

A. I'm not sure. But it would be fun to find out. And it seems easy enough to raise the funds. So here is what I need:
 A. 2 people to donate 1 billion dollars each.
B. 2 billion people to donate 1 dollar each.
It would also work if
C. 2 billion people donated 1 billion each. (If this happens I'll for sure pay off my student loans)

Also, and this is totally true and unrelated
Dear Billionaires,
I am a Billionaire too. A billionaire prince to be exact. Except that I have been exiled from my country due to a failed and embarrassing space program. Who knew? Right? So this caught me off guard completely. Anyway, my money is all frozen in a secret bank account and I just need 2 billion dollars to unfreeze it and move it to my Washington Mutual account. Once I have done this I can give you your 2 billion dollars back plus a $50 gift card to iTunes.

Thanks for your help in this,
Billionaire Prince

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