Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This one bit of advice will change your life forever. FOR the better.

Q. I think I have a lot to offer to a relationship or even friends. But these day's I spend most of my time at work, with my family or alone.  I try to be kind, helpful, social and a good listener. But as soon as I start talking, I don't know how to say what I want to and other people tend to glaze over and move on to another conversation. Any advice?

A. Dear Social Glazzer,
I have to say one of the best bit's of advice I've ever given is, If the space shuttle had to climb a ladder to space, no one would take the time to watch. It's the blast off that makes the difference.

Hope that helps,

(Maybe if the space shuttle actually climbed a ladder a few spectators would watch. A few. But who would have the time or patience? And this may actually be the BEST advice I've ever given. Take that Deepak Chopra- I heard he's a reader. Dr. Phil hasn't checked in since the bumble foot post.)

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