Sunday, October 2, 2011

Starbursts Have no King

Q.  My nephew shared a cherry Starburst with me today and I realized it was my least favorite of the flavors. I know you are a candy junkie with a particular inclination toward Starbursts. So what is your favorite flavor?

A. Dear Cherry Lips,
It's true, I am a social and casual partaker of candy, and I do love Starbursts. In so many ways they are the perfect candy. Smooth, colorful, compact, travel well, can smoosh together like colorful play-doh, sweet and offer a new flavor experience every four bits.

As a kid I was least interested in lemon and most interested in cherry and strawberry. I used to dream of the day Starbursts would expand their flavors. I wondered what potato and carrot Starbursts would taste like. Would the potato packet come with butter and bacon and cheese flavored squares? Would I like them? I didn't care. I just wanted to see them. To know they were an option. And that even the most boring of foods could be turned into a candy treat. I was logical enough even as a kid to realize that if a potato Starburst was made, a tomato flavored one would be as well. It bothered me for sure, but I would accept it for the greater good.

Now, I live in the future of my childhood self. We now have a variety of Starburst flavors to choose from. Just as I had hoped, Watermelon Starbursts now exist. But even so, I still love the original pack. And in this order:
4. Cherry
3. Lemon
2. Orange
1. Strawberry- She is the queen of the Starbursts.

Happy eating and don't forget to brush your teeth- and the teeth of your loved ones.


  1. I should give them another try. I've been liking more and more lime things these days.