Monday, November 7, 2011

The first Five-Thousand

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have checked in and contributed questions to Ask Mark over the past few months. Today I reached 5000 blog views. I know some people get that in a day, and more. But I was still thrilled to watch it roll over from 4999 this afternoon. For a blog that has almost no images, cute or otherwise, and is full of words, sarcastically helpful at best, I think it's all very exciting.

So far, the Pigeon one has passed all others in page views. Lot's of people out there have the same question. The wheelchair one is still going strong but the Starbursts one is hot on its wheels. Maybe I should write one about Vampire, Zombies, drinking, the city's best coffee, and, burritos off the grid, occupy Oakland, and want, health care reform. I think that might draw in a few more readers.

And now, as if this post weren't boring enough, I'd like a take a moment to give a few thanks to those who have given so much help and inspiration to me.

Taylor and Bryan, As far as I know you two are the biggest fans of the blog. Thank you for checking in with such enthusiasm and interest. I wish you both the best and hope you are doing well.

Sharon, NYC taught me has been responsible for more than half my traffic in the past couple of months. Thank you for the link and your input. (I could almost get mushy here since I think so highly of Sharon. For now I'll leave it at,) Keep doing what you are doing. It's a wonderful life to look in on. You are one of a kind.

Jess, my intern/apprentice/family friend, who one day humbled me by telling me she didn't think I wrote comedy. My normally stoic face couldn't hide the shock I experienced at the sound of this.  Then she said something about how I write from an honest place and sometimes it sounds kind of funny. SOMETIMES, I think she added.

Pepper, If anyone likes the blog you must thank Pepper. She's the one who suggested I do it. She's the one who set it up. She's the one who reads nearly all the posts out loud to me before I publish them. She's the one who is always on my side and never on my back (thank you for that saying Mr. Pearson, my seventh grade math teacher). She's the one who feeds me when I'm hungry. The one who laughs at all my puns and jokes. The one who looks for the best in me. The one who runs our life. The one who believes in me, in and out of every day. Thank you Pepper. I love you.

And thank you again for checking in on this little blog project, the one standing in the corner with a clipboard asking passers by if they have just a moment to fill out a form. I've enjoyed talking to those of you who have taken that moment and sent in a question or two.

Here's to the next five-thousand.
Thanks for your help,



  1. checking your blog is my favorite part of the day, or week or whenever it gets updated. The wheelchair and love potion posts were superb. I also love the letter you wrote to Nixon about your watch. (on pepper's blog? I don't remember)

  2. wow. just when i was feeling blue and weird, i get this. thank you mark!!

  3. I don't get to proof them all this one included, you need me and I love you.

  4. "Ask Mark" is genius. I hope you never stop writing.