Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's that? Egg salad again?

This does not come with a question. I just felt like writing.
Today is Easter. I went to church with my family to celebrate our belief in Christ. The church service was mostly singing. My wife sang with the choir.  I sat in the audience and wept. I wept so much I could barely open my eyes. My thoughts turned to the blind and I attempted to experience the meeting as they might. But mostly, I thought, How am I going to get through my week? What am I going to do on Monday? Why is my daughter making fun of me for sleeping? I just want to open my eyes, pull out my sketchbook and draw. Why hasn't this allergy medication kicked in yet? I took it three hours ago and it worked so well last year. Are allergies mutating? Are we now dealing with super allergies? And with all that spring time pollen in the air,  I kept on weeping.

As I sat in the worship service, trying to regain some composure, I waited to hear some of the standard tried and true messages of the good word. I waited to hear about how we should be more divisive. Or how we should find fault with others and their beliefs. I wanted a reminder of how we should tear some one down in an attempt to make an enemy of them and then convert them to our way of thinking. I so much wanted to sing the hymn about complaining and blaming others. At least I thought we would sing the songs of paranoia and distrust. Those have always been my favorite. It's Easter you know. I just wanted to be reminded that I can feel good about distrusting others and sticking to my own kind. And then, the meeting ended. And all I was able to really take away was, "As I have loved you. Love one another. In me there is hope."

That's it? Where's my gun of righteousness? Where are my bullets of salvation that I can use to mow down all those who believe differently or choose not to believe? C'mon, I want my flaming sword of vengeance? I want it now and I want to watch heads roll with my mighty blows of truth.

As I have loved you. Love one another. And I loved the world. That's kind of all I got. First allergies and then not one sanctifying hallow point bullet to bury in the guts of some one in need of some serious salvation. Maybe next year.

In the mean time I have a refrigerator full of hard boiled colorful eggs. I'll eat one egg salad sandwich. My son will crack a few on the floor as he sneaks attempts to master the egg balancing spoon game. Then a week and a half from now we'll throw them out.

 For some today was simply Sunday. They went to brunch or to work. Maybe some went for a hike or studied for an exam. There were people visiting people in hospital. Others visiting graves or trying to get their hands on one more chocolate egg. There are those who celebrate Spring and fertility and deity of all kinds. And others who have "had enough" and decided to get mad at Google. For me, today was Easter. I believe in Christ. I think he lives and loves us all. And if you don't share that belief, that is fine by me. You are still my friend and I love you. Have a wonderful week.

All the best,

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  1. Mark,
    That was awesome. I really enjoyed reading that and caught myself nodding my head throughout.
    God Bless.