Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boy's and Bathrooms

Q. What is it with boys and bathrooms? I was cleaning the bathrooms this morning and when I got to the kids bathroom and started scrubbing the toilet I found that the boys had peed on the top of the back part--you know where the lid lifts off to see all the working parts of the toilet. I thought to myself "wow---this is interesting. How the heck do they do this?--talented." Does there seem to be a problem here, does anyone care about this issue but me in this house?

Mark's answer.
Yeah, I don't know what the deal is. But it is a deal. I know you are not alone in this. I remember hearing complaints about this as I was growing up. We even had a fourth grade wide lecture on it. I didn't really understand what the issue was even then. But I am sure I had my problem times. For instance, once I peed in the garbage can. It was in the middle of the night and the garbage can was next to the toilet. Easy mistake. Anyway, here are some ideas for what the problem may be:
1. Boys like to pee no handed.
2. Believe it or not, sometimes the stream really does come out at an odd angle.
3. When you’re a kid, even the act of peeing can seem like it takes forever. It's easy to get bored. That's when creative toilet games get created. For instance; Pee tornado- it has to do with a circular hip gyration. This also creates quite the interesting acoustic effect.
The Long shot- How far back can I step and still make it in the bowl?
Crack the whip- Much like pee tornado but more of an up and down movement. Like that of a whip. Ect...
4. Kids in general get distracted easily. They might hear a sound that interests or startles them and brakes concentration. Due to this the young lad may actually start to step away mid stream and even the slightest jostling can be cause to lose control.
5. For little boys, peeing is not a function. It's an activity. Boys like to shoot guns and play with the garden hose. And often, as soon as their little fleshy friend is exposed it becomes one of these kinds of toys. So during that time when a mother hopes her son would just take care of business, that son is happy as could be to have some unsupervised playtime.

Is there a solution? I don’t know. But here’s my list of maybes: 1.Constant reminders work. Eventually they sink in.
2.It may help to take the fun out of the function and have a Sitting Only policy in the home. Maybe you could say it’s for safety reasons.
3. I once heard a story of a guy that was always afraid a hand would reach out of toilet drain, grab him by the willy, and pull him in. Maybe you can work that little bit of paranoia into a cautionary tale.
4. Make the boys clean the pee puddles from toilet every day. Eventually they may notice the job would go faster if there was less errant pee.


  1. This is spot on, and pretty darn funny!

  2. Sitting is more comfortable anyway! Go w/ the sitting. No...I am not a woman but prefer to pee like one.