Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crisis averted

Q. I really want to ask you a question just because you are so damned witty, but I can't think of anything worthy enough. Do you have any general advice for life, or should I try again later when I'm having a real crisis?

A. Dear Glass half full,
I am very happy to hear that you don't have any real crisis in your life right now. That is a gift. 

You can always ask a question. They are always anonymous and don't have to be crisis motived. Here are a couple of example questions to get you thinking. 

Which of these two shirts looks better with these pants? No crisis there at all. 

If you were going away for the weekend would you like to go somewhere to relax or participate in an activity? Sans crisis. 

All my friends and I are going to Prom. Any suggestions on how to make it awesome? Actually this is a crisis. Don't go. Plan something fun to do that night and do that instead. 

What should I name my goldfish? Easy list of ten names. 

How do you mute blue? You tightly hold it's lips closed.

Things like that. 

As for general life advice? I've got loads of it. so ask away and I'll be happy to heap it on. 

Thanks for being interested in my damning wit. I do hope to hear from you. Although I won't know it if I do. 

All the best,

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