Friday, May 6, 2011

I am poor, but she is awesome.

Q.I'm leaving this whole summer for other adventures, but am keeping my apartment in SF. I was planning on just paying my 3 month rent up front, since my landlord does not want sub-leases.
However my mother, the aspiring voice-actress, wants to use my apartment while I am gone while she pursues some dreams out here in California. (We are from Ohio) I don't really know the protocol here. Do I charge her rent, or a fee, or something? Or do I just give her free reign of my $1600 amazing apartment for free because she is my mom? I am poor, but she is awesome. WHAT IS THE PROTOCOL?

A. Dear Rentally Challenged,
Leaving for the whole summer sounds great. I'm sure you will have many adventures. Memories that will stay with you a life time. Being able to pay a quarter years rent up front and still be able to travel is awesome too. Truly. It all sounds great. 

Poor people can do none of those things. 

As far as protocol goes? I don't think you should charge your mother rent. Unless she charged you rent while you lived at home. If so, then by all means. If not, this is your chance to allow your mom to recoup some of her investment- you. 

If she offers to pay, you must decline at least twice. If she insists, whatever she offers is too much. So compromise and agree to less than she offers. If she happens to leave an envelope with a card and a check inside you can cash the check. But you must also buy her a card and some flowers or a fruit basket or the like, depending on interest and allergies. 

Enjoy your summer and I hope this helps,

P.S. Break a vocal cord, mother from Ohio.

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