Friday, August 12, 2011

All or nothing too often leads to nothing

Q. What happened here? Where did you go? Did you answer all the questions? I know I'm still waiting for you to answer one of mine. I miss the weekly installments.

A. Dear Still Waiting,
A very successful blogger once told me. Be consistent. If you are going to post every day, post Every day. If you are going to post once a week or once a month... Post on that day, every time. So that's what I did. I posted twice a week. Then three times a week. Then twice a week. Then once a week. Then nothing for two and a half weeks.

Wait let me go back and read what I wrote.... Uh... consistent... every time... Yeah, that's not at all what I did. But it was on my mind.

In theory I really like and even agree with that advice. But it's that all or nothing attitude that keeps me from doing too many things in life. Argh, I missed a run. I'm done with running. Oops, I had a Coke and chocolate treat for breakfast. I'm done watching what I eat.

If it's all or nothing it usually ends up being nothing. And that seems worse than something sometimes. So from here on out I promise to be the consistently something sometimes blogger. Sometimes it's going to rain answers. It'll just fill up blog dams and pour out the spillway. Other times posts will drop like apples. One here and there, and maybe one will hit you in the most delightful way. And then sometimes, a whole bunch of stuff will pile up and I won't blog at all. It'll just be quiet in my little corner of cyberspace. And then I'll have something to say.

This weekend I'm traveling, so there won't be anything new for a couple of days still. But I have some great questions to answer when I get back. Ah, I don't know if they are great. Maybe they are just good, or okay. You can decide.

Alright, so that's all for what feels like a commercial for Ask Mark Elliot season 2. At least it wasn't a "Best Of" post. Not that I am above that. One is in the works. As is an out-takes post, for little treasures that never made it in.

Lastly, to my friend, Still Waiting, Thank you for your interest and gumption. I do hope I get to one of your questions shortly.

And that's it. See you all very soon. Pray that I don't get eaten by bears.
Mark Elliot

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