Friday, December 23, 2011

Is it possible we share too much this time of year?

Q. It's just before Christmas and we have a few parties to attend with families and friends. Our kids are obviously sick but really want to go see their friends and cousins. I'm pretty sure they won't be the only sick kids there and probably picked it up from a playmate anyway. Should we still go? Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

A. Granted, usually people are contagious even before they start to show signs of illness. And Christmas comes around but once a year. I don't think it's a good idea to visit with loved ones. No one wants a runny nose and hacking cough around. And kids are expert at spreading sickness. You know, with all the hand to nose to mouth to every surface insight. It's just too careless and uncontainable.

Even though some festivities may be missed, this may be your chance to avoid the drive and the drama (if there is any) and have a nice quiet Christmas celebration at home... How quaint, don't you think?

In our family we do one of two things. We stay put in San Francisco and keep it small and quiet. Or we pack it all up and drive home to Utah's Wasatch front. But we never forget to spend the holiday without some kind of illness.

Last year it was the Flu. It wiped us all out for 10 days. And took both Pepper and I a full month to recover. This year, I've been a little late receiving my bacterial or viral package (but I'm sure it's on it's way), we are experiencing light flu symptoms and both kids have pinkeye. So we stocked up on chalky white festive drinkable antibiotics for Oslo and angel tear eye-drops for Luca.

So to all our friends and loved ones who we planned to see over the next couple of days, we hope you will understand why we are staying away and know that we love and miss you. And conjunctivitis misses you- We hope.

Above, I have attached a Free Christmas card digital download for anyone who needs to let others know that their kids are sick and won't be joining them this holiday season. Just click and drag the image onto your desktop.

Hope that helps and Happy Holidays,

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