Saturday, February 4, 2012

What's your address and a warning

!!! WARNING !!! WARNING !!! WARNING !!! WARNING !!! This post contains amateur poetry. If you don't like poetry or amateurs- AND especially amateur poetry about friends, like the kind you might find engraved into a picture frame- you may want to stop reading and wait a couple more months or weeks for my next post.

Q. Mark, What's your address? Please leave it here at this link. I can't tell you why or it wouldn't be fun. Would you like to leave a comment in the space provided?
A friend far away

A. Dear friend far away,  Here is the comment I left in the provided space.

It can happen in a moment
A warmth a softness a binding thread visible in the peripheral
It can last
Time adds to the thread as is stretches
Pulled against mountains
Soaked in oceans
Stroked by an equator
Blizzards do nothing to freeze it
Enduring weaving filaments
From here
To there

Others stumble trip and fall into our lives
We feel tugs
We feel snags
On street lamps and rose bushes
In the corner of our eye we see a ray of sun catching the golden thread
And it winks

Hope that helps,

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  1. we had a six hour road trip over the weekend and to pass the time I read my favorite questions and answers to my buddy who's never heard of the blog. It was great.