Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where's Heber

Q. Heber City, Utah? Why are you moving there? Why are you moving at all? What's up?

A. Here's the long version of the short answer.
About a year and a half ago we blasted the U.S. and Canada with my resume. Little to no word in response.
Two months ago I got a phone call to go interview for a position at Park City High School in, Park City, Utah. I agreed to come out and meet them. And the interview went well. I told them I already had a job I loved and already lived in one of my favorite cities. They even asked, why would you want this job?
A few days later I received a phone call offering me the position and a list of things that needed to be done before it could be official.
We had a list of conditions as well.
Weeks later, both of our lists had been satisfied and we were under contract for a modest home in Heber City, roughly 15 minutes away from the school.
We kept saying to each other as we went through this process, "We'll just keep stepping through the doors until we find one that's locked. And we'll either find ourselves in Park City or San Francisco." Both options were a win for us.
On Thursday it almost all fell apart. Technicalities.
On Friday, I woke up to a call and an email extending the official contract.
Today I informed my job that I'd be taking the position in Park City.
Bitter-sweet doesn't do it justice. But only because it's such a cliche`. But that's what it is.
We are saying goodbye to people we love. I am in constant awe of the quality of people we have had in our lives while here. I am walking away from the best job I have ever had. I work with fantastic people. It doesn't even feel like a job. I get to hang out with interesting and capable even hyper-capable students and make art. What a gift.  And we are leaving the city we love. Our kids even know they love it here. Just today, our son is really trying to process this move, he mentioned to my wife that his "Brain sent a message to his heart telling him, He's a city kid. In a town."
Change is hard on every one. And is for us for sure. But we are looking forward to having a place to call our home. I can't wait to mow a lawn. And snowblowing a driveway sounds like heaven. It will be good to see stars again. We have family and friends waiting for our return and it will be wonderful to see them again.
Though my wife and I are both from Utah. We both felt instantly at home once we arrived in San Francisco. Both of our children were born here. The Elliot's are San Franciscans. This is our home and we have been blessed to have had each day we've had here.
New adventures lie ahead of us. We pray the roof doesn't leak, that we can afford the winter heating bill and that the plumbing holds out for at least another ten years. Utah will be great. And I look forward to meeting new students and faculty.
As for now we are still here. We'd like to get out and see every body one more time but that won't happen. So if you'd like to stop by, call or text or message me and we'll get it set up.
More to come and I'll do my best keeping you up to date.


  1. So excited for you! Congratulations!

  2. That is exciting news! Though Jake and I did not live in San Francisco as long as you and Pepper have, we truly loved our experience there. I did not want to move back to Utah at all! But, we did, and it really feels like living there was a dream. A perfect dream that we get to relive when we have the chance to visit. You will miss parts of it terribly, but there are wonderful things about Utah, as you know. Park City will be lucky to have your family and you as a teacher! Good luck!